The Shareholder Services Association, Inc. (SSA) has a rich and proud history. The association was founded in 1946 as the Corporate Transfer Agents Association (CTA).  In 2006, the CTA changed its name to the Shareholder Services Association. Initial membership included professionals from a diverse group of companies, both large and small. Many of the household names in business and industry at the time (e.g., General Electric, General Motors, AT&T, IBM, and United States Steel) provided the early leaders of our organization.

The core of our mission has always been to support and educate those involved in shareholder services. Today, the SSA continues as a powerful network of issuers, service provider professionals and industry leaders representing the diversity of the shareholder services industry. The depth and breadth of SSA membership will give you an edge with resources and information that can expand your expertise and add value to your organization. Click on Membership Profile to learn more about the make-up of our members and their wealth of experience.

2016 NYSE "Closing Bell"
2016 NYSE "Closing Bell" 2
2016 President, Alvin Santiago
2010 NYSE "Closing Bell" (pdf) 
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CTA Annual Conference 1996 (pdf)
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