Alvin Santiago- March 2013
Alvin Santiago
Manager,Banking and Shareholder Services
Fortune Brands Home & Security, Inc.
What’s my role at Fortune Brands Home & Security?
For the past thirteen years at FBHS and its former parent Fortune Brands, Inc. I have been responsible, with regards to shareholder services, for the relationship between the Company, its shareholders and the Company’s Transfer Agent. What does that entail? Under normal circumstances I have to employ the skill sets of a politician, psychologist, computer analyst, financial analyst, paralegal and accountant all before my morning tea. Shareholders Services encompasses several things here at FBHS from responding to all shareholder related questions from our shareholders, employees and the various regulatory agencies to keeping track of our transfer agent and our outstanding shares. In addition, I consultant on proxy solicitation, stock listing, dividends, spinoffs, the ESPP and stock option exercise programs.
Why I’m a member of the SSA?
Well based on the above it helps to have an association that can help me out with things that I can’t possibly be an expert on. It’s a great security blanket because of the wealth of experience and knowledge that the membership has and is so willing to share with you.
What I enjoy most about being an SSA member?
Networking, but it’s more than that. I don’t know another association where people are so friendly and willing to help you out. I have found some lifelong friends through this organization and that’s something to be proud about.
A little bit about me.
Yes, I like to dance but there is more to me than enjoying the beat of music on a dance floor. I have been married for 33 years, have three grown sons, one grandchild, one on the way and hopefully more to come. I spend my free time working out, playing with my grandchild and dogs, working as a public address announcer at the local high school wrestling events, yelling at my favorite Chicago sports teams and enjoying the dance to the my life’s own backbeat.

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