Andrew Wilcox- October 2013
Andrew M. Wilcox

Managing Principal
Shareholder Service Solutions, Inc.
My role

 I founded Shareholder Service Solutions to help companies achieve an optimal contract with their stock transfer agent of choice, or help them find an optimal agent in an RFP scenario.  I leverage 19 years of experience as a senior officer at two major agents, and seven more years as a corporate advisor.  Besides stock transfer I focus on DRIP/DSPP design, proxy solutions and retail shareholder outreach programs.

Why I am an SSA member

 SSA is the premier industry association for shareholder service professionals, including those who contract with service providers like transfer agents.  Clearly these are clients or potential clients of mine, but just as important SSA allows me to network with other members which broadens and deepens my knowledge base.  For my part, I try to reciprocate by continuously sharing my knowledge with other members.

What I enjoy most about being an SSA member

 Besides showing I am a dedicated shareholder services professional, my SSA membership lets me listen in on important discussions via the SSA website, access a robust shareholder services library of key topics, and attend the most informative and enjoyable shareholder services event of the year – the annual SSA conference.

A little bit about me

 After 13 years at an airline and in commercial banking, I joined Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company of California in 1987.  I became head of this stock transfer and corporate trust services provider in 1992, and ran it until 2002 – by which time it had become part of the Mellon corporate umbrella and grown from two to six offices spanning the Pacific, Mountain and Central time zones.  Computershare hired me to grow its Western presence for a time, then in 2006 I created Shareholder Service Solutions.  I have a bachelor’s degree from Princeton University, and a master’s from the American Graduate School of International Management.


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