Angela Crosby - February 2016

Angela Crosby
Altria Client Services (services organization for Altria Group, Inc. and its family of companies)

My Role with Altria

I have been employed by Altria since 1999 and joined the Corporate Secretary’s Department in 2000.  In 2008, I was promoted to the position of Manager, Shareholder Services reporting to our Corporate Secretary.  In this capacity, I am responsible for multiple vendor/supplier relationships, including the relationship with our registrar and stock transfer agent.  I am also responsible for planning and executing various aspects of the Company’s annual meeting of shareholders (including coordinating the preparation and distribution of our annual meeting proxy materials); the analysis, tracking, preparation and reporting of our Section 16 insider transactions of Company stock with the SEC; managing and overseeing certain matters related to Altria’s Board of Directors; in conjunction with key members of our team, ensuring compliance with certain NYSE and SEC reporting requirements; and historical record-keeping.  This broad-range of responsibilities keeps me very busy.

Why I am a member of the SSA

The Shareholder Services Association is an invaluable knowledge and idea sharing and gathering resource.  Not only does membership present a great educational and networking opportunity, but the association keeps its members informed of critical current and impending issues that affect all our respective industries, companies and shareholders.

About Me

I currently live in Richmond, Virginia with my husband, but having lived at the Jersey Shore for most of my life I am a Jersey-girl at heart (P.S. Snooki is NOT a Jersey-girl!).  While I tend to be a bit of a workaholic, I enjoy spending time with family (who continue to flock to Virginia for frequent visits throughout the year) and a circle of great friends.  I am an avid shopper and enjoy my home and beautiful yard (filled with lots of spectacular songbirds and all sorts of frequent visitors, including owls, wild turkeys, foxes and loads of deer and bunnies).  This is our new norm and certainly a far cry from life at the Jersey Shore!

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