Betty Groves- December 2012
Betty Groves
Shareholder Services Administrator
WellPoint, Inc.
My Role at WellPoint

As a Shareholder Services Administrator I manage several annual projects that directly affect the public company environment and work directly with the individual shareholders of the company. Under the direction of the Assistant Corporate Secretary I also manage all Insider Trading reporting and help oversee multiple components of the Annual Shareholder Meeting process. Acting as a liaison for numerous internal departments and external clients has given me a unique perspective and appreciation for the level of cooperation and excellence in execution that it takes to run one of America’s largest healthcare providers.

Why I am a member of the SSA

I am very impressed with the level of peer partnership realized through membership in the SSA. I attended my first SSA conference in 2012 and obtained valuable information and resources that were presented regarding issues that are uniquely relevant, timely and critical for my direct responsibilities.

What I appreciate most about the SSA

There is a willingness of SSA members to reach out to their colleagues to extend assistance. When considering a vendor for transmitting our Insider Trading reports I was overwhelmed with so much information from various sources. A query to SSA members proved invaluable and ultimately helped lead to an excellent choice.

About me

I have been with WellPoint, Inc.’s, Legal Department for 10 years in Shareholder Services. I had a wonderful, challenging opportunity to actually help build this department from the ground up when the company demutualized and went public in 2001. Prior to that, I worked as a Registered Broker with Charles Schwab in the Capital Markets division and in Banking–Corporate Trust, in various positions including Transfer Agent.


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