Charles Skipper - July 2016

Charles Skipper

My previous role with SCANA Corporation

My role in SCANA Shareholder Services (SS) started in August, 1991.  At that time SCANA was the record keeper, disbursing agent for dividends and processed all DRP activities.  The Company employed the services of a local bank transfer agent to handle local transfers; a bank agent in NYC to handle common transfers and another NYC bank to handle all activities associated with 9 issues of preferred.  I was initially charged with the responsibilities of finding a system to handle all these responsibilities in-house and to bring everything into SS.  So in January, 1993, we brought everything in-house on a new vendor system and at the same time offered one of the first direct purchase plans.  Since then we have processed several mergers, one stock split and a reduction in dividends.  Even though SCANA SS is a small shop in comparison, we performed all the duties as any other full service transfer agent (I’m sure everyone is familiar with the duties required to service all shareholders).  We also handled various aspects of the annual meeting, Section 16 reporting and various management/director stock option plans.  All this leads into the next section!

Why I was a member of the SSA

Being new to the industry and having very, very, very little knowledge I knew I had to lean on someone or some group to assist me with these new duties.  Thankfully, I was introduced to SSA (at the time the CTA) in 1992.  I readily found out that this group of security professionals was more than willing to help get me up to speed, assist with the order and what tasks I needed to complete to move our department forward and efficiently meet our management directive.  I learned early that the members and directors are passionate about helping and seeing that everyone succeeds.  In addition to the networking system that is available, the Association also provides excellent educational opportunities through the annual conference, webinars and on-line media.  

A little about me

As I stated initially, my previous role was at SCANA, because I retired in February, 2012.  My wife and I live in Lexington, SC, and retired here since all our family live in the area.  We have made some small trips but are limited since my wife is the primary care giver for her 92 year old mom.  We have four daughters, six grandchildren (ages 3 months to 22 years) and one great grandchild, 4 months.  Since retiring I have been able to stay connected (no pun) with the industry through several opportunities that have been provided.  My wife and I have been asked to assist with the registration desk at the annual conference which allows us to stay in touch with everyone (we hope to see you at the conference).  I also work with a corporate transfer agent handling some annual meetings in the spring.


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