Chu Lee-January 2013
Chu Lee

Shareholder Services Administrator
NW Natural Gas Company

My Role at NW Natural Gas Company
My role at NW Natural Gas Company is a hybrid one. As NW Natural’s Shareholder Services Administrator, my primary role is to manage overall shareholder relations activities, as well as managing our transfer agent and ESPP plan administrator. I also administer and process all stock option exercises, and other stock compensation issuances. Additionally, I oversee the solicitation and tabulation of proxy votes for annual and any special shareholder meetings, as well as assist in the implementation and planning of annual shareholder meetings. As a corporate paralegal, I support both the Corporate Secretary and Senior Legal Counsel and Assistant Secretary in their securities, board, governance and compliance functions, including legal research and SEC filings.
Why I am a member of the SSA
SSA is not just a platform to network and form friendships, but is a resource galore. Many of the members are industry experts, who are willing to share their expertise and knowledge. The topics, as well as the speakers, at each annual conference have always been relevant, informative and of high quality.
What I Enjoy Most About Being an SSA Member
The members are very friendly and there’s a strong and genuine desire to support and help each other. I greatly appreciate Jane Keister for introducing me to many members and making me feel welcome and at ease at my first conference; and Chris Dowd for extending his help and encouraging me to seek out the wisdom of all the senior members to enhance and further my career. I have never joined an organization with such strong sense of support and warmth.
A Little Bit About Me
Prior to joining NW Natural Gas Company, I was a corporate paralegal. I began my legal career haphazardly after graduating from University of Oregon. Unbeknownst to me, and after turning down a job offer from a prospective employer, they forwarded my resume to their attorney. I went to the interview with no intention to be hired, but with a view of an opportunity to practice my interview skills. However, it was fated that I be a paralegal for I was hired at the end of the interview. I have been a paralegal for more than 20 years.

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