Clare McMorrow Castro- September 2014
Clare McMorrow Castro

Director of Shareholder Relations
Viacom Inc.
My role at Viacom Inc.
 I have been very fortunate these last 14 years to work in a job I really enjoy – Director of Shareholder Relations for Viacom Inc.  I describe what I do simply as “stock stuff,” but we all know what the position entails:  liaison with our registered shareholders and often our beneficial holders via their brokers or financial advisors; liaison with our transfer agent on shareholder accounts, dividend payments, plan administration and abandoned property processes; maintain records on corporate actions and escheatments; and liaison with Broadridge and other annual meeting service providers -- basically, everything and anything to do with our shareholders, present and past.
My Involvement with the SSA
My predecessor in this position introduced me to the SSA.  At first, I was very self-conscious of my lack of knowledge about this industry and the players in it, but I was quickly put at ease and discovered that the SSA is a wonderful source of information and best practices.  I’ve maintained my membership all these years because meetings give me the opportunity to catch up with (now) old friends and colleagues – all experts in their respective fields -- and keep me current on all the goings-on. 
I most enjoy being able to have conversations with people who actually know the same esoteric terminology!  And when we’re not “talking the talk,” we’re “laughing the laugh”!  Meetings are as much enjoyable as they are educational because the SSA is a great group of genuinely nice people.
A little bit about me
I went back to school after starting my “career” in the Legal Department at CBS Inc. over 30 years ago and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business from St. John’s University.  I am married to the most easy-going man in the world, and we have two beautiful daughters, ages 7 and 15, who keep us hopping.  In my “spare” time, I manage our local Girl Scout service unit and juggle two Girl Scout troops.  Man, am I tired!  Cookies, anyone?

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