Deborah O'Donnell- April 2014
Deborah A. O’Donnell

Relationship Management
Wells Fargo Shareowner Services
My Role in Shareowner Services

I manage Relationship Managers within Wells Fargo Shareowner Services which means that I have the opportunity to work with clients delivering and servicing a full range of transfer agent services for the issuers and their shareholders.  As a Transfer Agent that is also a division of a large bank, we work closely with the Wells Fargo Bankers and other Wells Fargo product partners who have relationships with the majority of our clients. 

Why I am an SSA Member

I joined the SSA because it is important to me to understand this complex industry and regulatory environment in order to best serve and guide our clients.  It is also important to me to know what our issuers do and what impacts them.  The SSA is a respected and relevant organization that has open communication with the SEC, DTCC, the exchanges and is a voice for issuers.

What I enjoy most about being an SSA member

I enjoy they opportunity to get to know other SSA members on a professional and personal level.  It is helpful and enjoyable to develop these relationships and friendships.

A little bit about me

I was born in Chicago but was 8 when we moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee where I grew up.  I attended the University of Tennessee where I received my Bachelors and Masters.  After graduate school I obtained a position in what was then the Norwest Management Credit Training Program.  Over my career at Norwest / Wells Fargo, I have had various lending, management, and marketing positions and have been in my current role for the last 16 years.  My husband Tom and I have been married for 17 year and have 4 children.   

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