February Member Spotlight
My role at Continental Stock Transfer & Trust (“CSST”)
I joined CSST in 2010 as a Relationship Manager managing equity accounts, client retention, cross-selling of products and ensuring regulatory compliance and execution of events on behalf of the client and its shareholders. I was promoted to Manager of Client Relationships in 2012.  In this role, I manage a staff of relationship managers instilling a dedication to excellence. My team and I have created organizational controls that create discipline and compliance.

Prior to joining CSST I had similar positions at the Bank of New York Mellon and Registrar & Transfer Company.  My tenure at these organizations led the path to the many successes and friends I have experienced in the securities field.  While I was at Registrar & Transfer Company, I sat on the Board of the Mid-Atlantic Securities (MASTA) on the Education Committee with a commitment to client education. I currently have 33 years in the stock transfer field and have seen many changes from IBM punch cards and coupon bonds to huge strides in computer processing.
Why I am a member of the SSA:
I enjoy the SSA and its commitment to the industry and for the relationships I have formed through the years with colleagues that I truly respect and enjoy sharing tidbits of our lives.  Having access to these relationships have been helpful in discussing best practice methods and how to handle certain transactions.
A little bit about me:
I was born in South America, immigrated to the US in 1961 and grew up in New Jersey.  I have 2 grown sons who have given me 4 wonderful grandchildren aged 4 – 15 years. I currently live in upstate NY with plans to live in Europe 6 months of the year when I retire. I dote on my German shepherd, Heidi and love to travel. I love reading history and exploring the areas that I read about. One of my current bucket plans is to experience the Lewis and Clark trail expedition with my grandchildren.


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