Gordon Stevenson: April 2017
Gordon Stevenson
Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.
My role at Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.:
As a Stock Transfer Product Specialist, my job is to offer current clients and prospects an efficient, cost-effective, value-added solution to their stock transfer and shareholder communication needs. By adding Transfer Agent services to our industry-leading Annual Meeting services, we can provide a unique, single-source service delivery process for our clients.
Why I am a member of SSA:
I joined the SSA when it was the Corporate Transfer Agent Association in the late 80’s. My wife Mary and I attended our first Annual Conference in 1988 when I managed a team of Stock Transfer Relationship Managers at what was then the First National Bank of Boston. Throughout my time at the SSA I’ve always been impressed by the collegial nature of the membership. Whether you’re a “grizzled veteran” who’s seen it all or a Stock Transfer “newbie” learning how to spell the word “escheatment”, the SSA’s culture has always been very inclusive and willing to assist our members to the betterment of our shared industry. Where else can competitors put aside their competitive differences to participate on a working committee or Webinar in order to promote the SSA’s mission to “support and educate those involved in Shareholder Services”?
A little about me:
I graduated from the University of Lowell with a degree in History and Secondary
Education, with the intention of teaching High School History. With teachers, firemen and police being laid off in Massachusetts due to a recently passed tax initiative, I decided to enter the world of finance, ignoring the fact that as a Liberal Arts major, I had never taken a finance, accounting or business course. Made perfect sense, right? After an entry-level position in Mutual Funds with Bradford Trust Co., I joined Bank of Boston’s Stock Transfer Department. During my 17 year tenure at The Bank, I had roles in Relationship Management, Tax, Call Center, New Business Conversions, Corporate Actions, ADR’s and Sales. After seven years with a Proxy Solicitation firm selling Odd Lot and Post Merger Clean-up Programs, I joined Broadridge in 2011. It has been, by far, the best company and the best role that I’ve had in my 35+ year career!
Throughout my career there has been one constant; my beautiful wife, Mary. For 34 years she has supported me and raised our three children, Dave, Sarah and Jess, all while working full-time herself. If the goal of successful parenting is to raise children that have independent lives, treat people with dignity and respect while pursuing careers that they love, then I’d say we are truly blessed.
When not at work, the entire family escapes to our lake house on Pleasant Lake in Deerfield, NH to swim, ski and play cribbage. When our granddaughter arrives in April, she will be the fourth generation of Stevenson’s to swim and, soon enough, water ski at The Lake!

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