Jackie Walding- November 2012
Jackie Walding
Director, Program Management
Office of the Corporate Secretary
Prudential Financial, Inc.
My Role at Prudential

As the director of Program Management for the Office of the Corporate Secretary at Prudential Financial, Inc., I am responsible for Transfer Agent oversight of 1.8 million registered shareholders. In this role, I oversee the processes for dividend issuance, proxy distribution, and other shareholder projects, as well as general vendor management. In addition to my Shareholder Services responsibilities, I also oversee the subsidiary governance of Prudential's legal entities.

Why I am a member of the SSA

The SSA presents a unique opportunity to learn about current industry issues from varying points of view, including the views of issuers who have a transfer agent relationship and those who self administer their transfer agent services. In addition, I gain the perspective of a variety of vendors. Being able to tap into this group as a resource is an invaluable tool in my role.

What I appreciate most about the SSA

The SSA provides informative, educational events that build in valuable networking time. I especially appreciate the annual conference topics and the opportunity to meet with multiple vendors during events and off hours. This incredibly efficient structure saves me from having to schedule numerous meetings.

About me

I have been fortunate to be part of a great team that has been a leader in the industry on proxy materials. Among other achievements, we have been an early adopter of the SEC’s Notice and Access model, won the 2011 Corporate Governance Award for Best Proxy Statement, and created Prudential’s vote incentive program, which offers registered shareholders the choice of an eco-friendly tote bag or a tree plant when they vote their proxy. Prior to my current role, I spent 13 years serving in other areas of the company, including underwriting for Prudential’s former property and casualty insurance business and supporting Prudential’s IPO in 2001.


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