Janice Stetler: April 2016
My Role at PG&E:
I have had several “careers” with PG&E beginning in 1983, the most recent beginning in 2008.  I’ve had a long history in the shareholder services industry, dating back to the 1990’s when we were our own in-house transfer agent.  In June of 2012, I was promoted to the position of Manager-Operations for the Corporate Secretary Department.  In this capacity, I am responsible for multiple vendor relationships, including the relationship with our stock transfer agent.   I am also responsible for the planning and execution of various aspects of the Company’s annual meeting of shareholders, specifically coordinating the preparation and distribution of our annual report, proxy statement, and other proxy materials.  I also serve on our “Annual Meeting Team” and am responsible for shareholder registration.  One of the other “hats” I wear is in the compliance area where my main duty is to ensure our department’s compliance with various NYSE, SEC, and other regulatory requirements and recordkeeping retention.  Even though I have been doing this work for many years, there is always something new going on that keeps me on my toes!
Why I am a member of SSA:
I am a fairly new member to the SSA, and wonder why I waited so long to join!  This organization is an excellent avenue for knowledge and idea sharing, as well as education and networking opportunities.   It’s a great organization, with really great people who are an excellent resource for all of us!  I’m looking forward to attending my first conference in July!!
A little about me:
I currently live in Lodi, California--and yes, in case you’re wondering, it is the same Lodi that “stuck” CCR all those years ago (or so legend says)!  I have two grown sons, a beautiful daughter-in-law, and soon-to-be 5 year old granddaughter (who is a joy beyond measure).   I enjoy spending time with my family, gardening, baking, reading and traveling.  I am also very much looking forward to retirement in a few years!!!  

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