Jen Borden: August 2016
My work at BCG:

I founded Borden Consulting Group in 2010 to assist clients with their unclaimed property legal needs. When I first started working in this field in 1994 there were very few cases relating to unclaimed property. Everything I worked on seemed like a case of first impression, which is very challenging for an attorney. The practice of law loves precedent, but usually my clients didn’t have any prior guidance upon which to rely. This has evolved into an opportunity to help shape the unclaimed property landscape to insure that we have a compliance system that is sound both legally and practically. Some days I work on litigation, others on determining the correct way to file returns. I spend a lot of time on audit defense, often working with statisticians on sampling and estimation methods. The best days are when I am able to work on owner outreach, so that as many people as possible are reunited with their forgotten assets as possible. That’s what unclaimed property is all about.

Why I am a member of the SSA:

I started attending the SSA’s Annual Conference several years ago as a panelist in the Unclaimed Property Session. I was quickly blown away by the conference, which manages to pack in an incredible amount of substance with just the right amount of fun. Year after year the SSA brings together a bunch of great people who care about their shareholders in a choice destination. We are able to learn and network, leading to professional and personal growth. I didn’t think I could ask for more in an organization, but then the SSA decided to increase its focus on advocacy. I love that the SSA is always willing to use its voice to improve the industry. Whether it’s working with the SEC or the Uniform Law Commission, or bringing unconstitutional shareholder liquidations to the attention of the Supreme Court of the United States, the SSA is always fighting for its shareholders, its members, and the industry in general. What’s not to love about this group?

A little about me:

I was born and raised in Boston and don’t seem to go far from the home base. My law school was on Beacon Hill next to the Capitol, and every job I have ever had has been within a two-mile radius of the State House. I do get to travel a lot for work so thankfully I get to see some different faces. A few years ago my husband convinced me to leave Boston for the suburbs so that our kids could grow up with a yard. My son is now the starting left tackle for his high school football team and my daughter is a very competitive softball player, playing in tournaments around the state each weekend. I’m a trustee of the Boston Latin School Association, which is the oldest public high school in the country. This year the Board has been very involved with tackling issues of race and inclusion in this historic institution and in Boston in general. Like the SSA, I truly believe that it is important to use our voices for the greater good.

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