Kathleen Tullis - September 2015

Kathleen Tullis
Manager, Investor Services
CenterPoint Energy, Inc.


My Role with CenterPoint Energy

I manage the Investor Services department.  We are an in-house corporate transfer agent.  My first assignment with CenterPoint Energy was to set up shareholder services including installing the recordkeeping system, hiring/training employees and converting common stock and debt issues from the bank transfer agent.  At that time the company had 38 debt and preferred issues along with the common stock issue and a dividend reinvestment plan. Over the past 30+ years all debt issues have been paid and we are left with 35,000 common shareholders with over half participating in our dividend reinvestment/stock purchase plan.

Why I am a member of the SSA

The SSA is truly the direct line to all things shareholder services related.  As a strong industry advocate the needs and concerns of its members are heard and considered in decision making by regulatory agencies.   

What I Like Best About the SSA

I like the comfort of knowing that the SSA is always up-to-date with regulatory and compliance issues that affect our industry.  The SSA website is a wealth of information beneficial to me, the ‘go to’ place for answers. 

About Me

I was born and raised here in Houston, Texas. I began my career in shareholder services as a transfer agent clerk with a bank agent in 1969 moving up over the years to the position of Assistant Trust Officer.  In 1983 I was offered the opportunity to develop the Investor Services department for CenterPoint Energy. Moving from bank agent to the corporate agent role was an exciting challenge.  In the 32 years with CenterPoint Energy I have experienced every type of corporate action a business can offer including partial calls, full redemptions, stock splits, stock dividend, merger, spin off, a cash merger and several name changes.  The journey has had many twists, turns and bumps but has been very rewarding.

In my life outside of Investor Serices I have a husband, a son, a step-daughter, two step-sons AND 6 grandchildren.  My grandchildren range in age from 3½ to 23 with one more ‘precious gift’ arriving in January 2016.  I enjoy all the great times spent with my large family.  I relax doing DIY projects and gardening.

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