Kathy Huston- May 2014
Kathy Huston

Managing Partner
Group Five LLC

My role at Group Five

As the managing partner of Group Five my role is developing and implementing customer satisfaction research on behalf of the issuers and service providers we support in the financial services industry. Since 1990, Group Five has provided in-depth research on issuer and shareholder satisfaction and loyalty. Our well-known study on issuer satisfaction with transfer agent, proxy solicitor, and unclaimed property services is an invaluable resource for issuers as well as service providers. In addition, our RFP consulting services continue to provide issuers with the support needed to effectively and efficiently manage transfer agent contracting.

Why I am an SSA Member

Through my participation in the SSA I am able to stay in touch with the people in the industry so that I can understand the challenges they face and can find better ways to support them. The relationships that we have developed through our participation in the SSA have been critical to our business and have become important to us on both a business and personal level.

What I enjoy most about being an SSA member

What I enjoy most is the opportunity to build personal and professional friendships and relationships that have lasted over many years.

A little bit about me

I was raised in Allentown, PA and attended Moravian College where I earned a BS in Computer Science and Business Management. After college, I moved to New Jersey where I worked at AT&T as a systems programmer. About 7 years later I became one of the managers tasked with implementing Total Quality Management. In 1994, I joined my partner at Group Five and have been working at serving our clients for the last 20 years. My husband Jack and I live in Fairfax, CA and are the sometimes proud parents of 4 adult children.

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