Kinsha Swain- August 2013
Kinsha Swain                                                                                     
Manager Stockholder Records
Norfolk Southern Corporation
What’s my role at Norfolk Southern?

For the past three years I have been in Norfolk Southern’s stockholder records department.  We are an in-house transfer agent for two of our smaller subsidiary companies.  Our wonderful co-agent American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, LLC is full transfer agent for Norfolk Southern’s common stock.  Questions regarding stock, dividends, cost basis, historical account information, dividend reinvestment, direct stock purchase, proxy and annual meetings come to the stockholder records department. We have over 30,000 registered shareholders and a significantly larger beneficial population. The majority of our registered population consists of current and former employees. I receive inquiries regularly.   I have the task of responding to all stockholder related questions from our stockholders and various regulatory agencies.  I also keep track of our transfer agent and our outstanding shares.

Why I’m a member of the SSA?

My former manager introduced me to SSA when I joined the department in 2010.  I was new to the stock transfer industry.  The SSA provided an environment where I could get feedback from experienced industry professionals willing to share their wealth of experience and knowledge. 

What I enjoy most about being an SSA member?

The SSA conferences are wonderful.  The sessions are very informative.  There is so much beneficial information provided.  I stay updated on industry updates.  It is also an opportunity for me to meet and network with other industry professionals.  I truly appreciate the relationships that I have formed attending the conferences over the past three years.    Everyone is friendly and always willing to assist.

About me

I have been with Norfolk Southern for 13 years.  The first 10 years were in other departments based in Atlanta, Georgia (my hometown).  When I joined Stockholder Records, I transferred to Norfolk, VA.  After three years in Virginia, I still feel like a tourist.  I’m definitely not complaining because I now live 15 minutes from the beach!  Before joining Norfolk Southern I worked briefly for the State of Georgia and the Internal Revenue Service.  I am a huge football fan.  I will forever cheer for the Atlanta Falcons!  I have a B.A. in Psychology from Emory University and an M.B.A from Shorter College.

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