LaShurn Purnell- February 2013
LaShurn Purnell
Manager - Shareholder Relations
The Hillshire Brands Company
My Role at The Hillshire Brands Company
 My primary responsibility is to manage the stock transfer agent function.  I act as the company’s  liaison for stockholders, employees, transfer agent, stockbrokers and others on matters relating to The Hillshire Brands Company’s common stock.
Some of my duties include:  reporting outstanding shares, corporate dividend disbursement processing, managing The Hillshire Brand’s dividend reinvestment/direct stock and quarterly payroll purchases, providing cost and historical account summary information to individual stockholders, redemption/post-merger cleanup and assisting with the corporate annual meeting.  I also have an opportunity to work with outside vendors and state government agencies on matters relating to abandoned property and tax reporting.   
What I Like Best About the SSA
 The annual SSA Conferences are terrific.  I appreciate the friendliness, expertise and the invaluable information that is presented.  In short, it’s a great opportunity to interact and learn from people who do what you do.   
About Me
 I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Bradley University.
Prior to joining the team at Hillshire Brands (formerly known as Sara Lee Corporation), I worked in Amoco Corporation’s Shareholder Services and Legal departments for 11 years.
I enjoy deep dish pizza, jazz, TJ Maxx and watching Judge Judy and Scandal.  My Motto is:  Define or be defined.

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