Liz Parker - October 2015

Liz Parker
Norfolk Southern Corporation


My Role at Norfolk Southern Corporation

Since 2002, I have held several roles at Norfolk Southern, and most of that time has been in the Corporate Secretary’s office.  My various functions have included working with our equity plans and coordinating board meetings. My current role is Manager Stockholder Records. My primary responsibilities are working as a liaison between our registered shareholders and our transfer agent, AST, and planning our Annual Meeting of Stockholders. I report to the Assistant Corporate Secretary and Corporate Secretary.  I love my job and work with great people at Norfolk Southern.

Why I am a Member of the SSA

As a relative newbie to the Shareholder world, the SSA is invaluable to me. Not only is it a great opportunity for productive networking, but the SSA gives education that proves to be very helpful in my day to day job.   I am also able to absorb information that may not be directly related to my job but helps me be a more well-rounded employee and I am then able to share that information with my colleagues. Moreover, the SSA helps Norfolk Southern be aware of current events and keeps us well prepared for industry changes.  

A Little Bit About Me

I am from Louisiana, but went to Sweet Briar College, a small private women’s college, in Virginia and have stayed in this beautiful state ever since. So I am a true Southern girl!  I have two boys, 7 and 9, who keep me very active and very happy.  I enjoy swimming, reading and baking. I am a huge movie buff and especially relish horror movies. I live in Virginia Beach and love being near the ocean. I feel going to the beach and seeing the beautiful ocean on a regular basis keeps me grounded. I also love to travel and hope to do a lot of international travel in this next chapter of my life! 

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