Maritza Vicole- September 2011
Martiza Vicole
Manager of Shareholder Relations, PepsiCo, Inc.
My Role in Shareholder Services

I act as the primary contact for PepsiCo’s retail shareholder base representing approximately 30% of the Company’s outstanding shares. I’m accountable for the development and implementation of the corporate shareholder relations function strategy and marketing plan. My objective is to educate and update current and potential investors through effective, sustained communications to broaden and enhance shareholder value and the image of the Company. I also manage and evaluate the performance of the transfer agent, execute many aspects of the annual shareholder meeting and proxy logistics, and develop and manage the Investor Relations annual operating plan.

Why I Joined SSA?

I was introduced to the SSA by my former manager when I joined PepsiCo in 2004. I wasn’t aware there was an organization geared towards individuals that work in the shareholder services industry. PepsiCo’s shareholder relations department headcount is 1 (me), and it can get lonely. The SSA provides a setting of camaraderie, with time well spent on bettering yourself and your company.

What I Like Best About the SSA

The SSA gives me so many ways to stay in the know through its industry updates and informative presentations from vendors and issuers. The Q&A tool on the website provides a forum to receive timely answers to my questions from other members, and also learn of new topics that are becoming pressing matters for other issuers. I also enjoy the time spent with other issuers and service providers because it really helps me benchmark our service and learn about new solutions.

“Worst” SSA memory

Missing out on the opportunity “to act a fool” and dance around the clambake fire at the SSA conference in Rhode Island because I had to use the restroom. Who am I kidding? That’s my best SSA memory!

More About Me

Because of financial reasons I was unable to stay in college and had to get a real job. I started my career with GreenPoint Financial in 1993 and eventually ended up at PepsiCo in 2004. In 2006 I decided to return to school full-time, while working full-time, and graduated with a BBA in Business, with a minor in Marketing,
in 2009. I’ve been married to a wonderful man for almost 15 years and have two beautiful girls, ages 13 and 11, and an English bulldog named Cosmo.
Please say hello if you see me at the next SSA event!


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