May 2017: Dru Cessac
My Role at Keane:
In December 2014, I became a Relationship Manager (RM) at Keane in conjunction with Keane’s acquisition of UPRR.  Prior to working for Keane, I was employed for 42 years by AT&T.  The last fifteen years at AT&T I was responsible for stockholder relations and that was where I was introduced to the unclaimed property/escheatment and stock transfer industries.  I worked with Computershare as Transfer Agent for about fifteen years.  This experience has been invaluable as a RM particularly since I am the main contact for Keane clients utilizing Computershare as their Transfer Agent. 
Why a Member of SSA:
The SSA organization is an invaluable resource for knowledge, networking and keeping abreast of current activities in the stock transfer, regulatory and ever changing unclaimed property/escheatment arenas.   For employees new to unclaimed property/escheatment and stock transfer as well as veterans, the SSA provides excellent educational tools and is a great source for networking.  In addition, through the SSA, I have built personal and professional relationships that are critical to our business not to mention the personal lifetime friendships.
A Little about Me:
I was raised in South Texas and have lived in Texas my entire life.  Upon graduation from college, I went to work in the Corporate World for 42 years and have enjoyed working for Keane for the past 2 years.  In my spare time, I enjoy reading and the outdoors; I spend as much time as I can either by the pool or at the beach.  In addition, I am a huge sports fan and anyone that knows me knows I support the San Antonio Spurs to a fault.  I am single and have  made my home in San Antonio for 38 years.

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