Member Spotlight - George R. Pabst

My role in our business
I started my business career at Bethlehem Steel in 1959 in the Shareholder Records Department. We maintained 258,000 shareholders accounts on punch cards containing the certificate information issued in their name identifying the number shares held by them. This was prior to the development of the computer in the early 1960’s after which we converted our records to tape for ease of processing. To accomplish this feat IBM trained their customer’s in-house staff to become programmers and system analysts.

Having benefited from this experience I moved on to American Brands aka (American Tobacco) to build a department to take their shareholder records in-house from Morgan Guaranty in 1967. Subsequently I was contacted by Primerica aka (American Can) in 1976 to manage a shareholder records system they had purchased from a systems development company by the name of “ Informatics” to maintain a shareholder recordkeeping system in-house.

Why I am a member of SSA
During the 1960’s -1970’s the CTA membership grew exponentially when companies found great access to systems and guidance in their quest for help providing better and more economical service to their shareholder base.
I have enjoyed my 52 year relationship with the SSA immensely. I joined in 1967 as a representative of American Brands (now Fortune Brands) and was appointed a Director in 1971 the year we filed our incorporation papers and by-laws. I represented Primerica when elected President (1981-1983) . I have had the pleasure of representing and consulting with Broadridge from 1994 through 2017.

What I like most about being a SSA member
As a professional organization the SSA is nonpareil. I was always amazed at how open, friendly and cooperative fellow members are in helping out when in need. I have actually traded recordkeeping systems with members over the years. In addition, both my wife and I have had the pleasure of having developed many lifelong personal friends which we continue to enjoy to this day.

A little bit of personal information
My wife Jean and I live in Demarest, NJ. We have four sons and seven grand children five of whom are girls and 2 boys. We are looking forward to our oldest granddaughter’s wedding in June 2019. I enjoy playing tennis indoors during the winter and golf during the warm weather. We travel as much as we can with Jean enjoying her avocation of making all the arrangements. 

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