Member Spotlight - Joan DiBlasi
My Role at Aflac Incorporated (“Aflac”):

I started my employment with Aflac, January 2, 1985.  That was one of the best decisions I have made. I have grown professionally and personally because Aflac gave me that opportunity!
As the Director of Shareholder Services, which includes Stock Option Administration, I am responsible for meeting all requirements to act as a registered Transfer Agent as defined by the SEC, NYSE and Federal and State regulations.  We currently have over 87,000 active shareholder accounts with 96% in the AFL Stock Plan, a direct stock purchase and dividend reinvestment plan. We also service all of our Stock Option accounts.
I have the best team of 8 that handle all Department duties.  We currently do all processes in-house including all Section 16 filings, with the exception of Proxy Voting/tabulating and Escheatment.
Why I am a member of the SSA:
In 1986, I did research for an industry organization and joined the CTA (Corporate Transfer Agents Association) which became the SSA later on!  The SSA was where I was able to ingest the knowledge of being in this industry, not something you earn a degree for! The networking is the best!  Everyone shares and speaks openly in order to help you.
I became President of the CTA in 1997 – 1999.  This opportunity brought with it many challenges and industry changes i.e., DRS was implemented, Escheatment was huge back then with the 1995 changes, becoming a FAST Agent and registering Cede shares in Book Entry – stopping the movement of certificates! Proxy fees were also discussed within an industry committee through the NYSE.  So not much has changed, we are still discussing DRS, Dematerialization, Escheatment and Proxy! Then the IRS threw in Cost Basis! I have been able to work closely with the SEC, the NYSE and the IRS. 
I have been a board member for over 21 years, and now is the time for me to step down and allow the younger generation to get more involved!  If they do, they will love it and grow professionally and personally as I have and as well as many more individuals!  If I could look back to the year 1985, I would never have thought, I would be where I have been, done what I have done, nor learned as much as I have learned.  I truly love this industry and the individuals and companies that are all a part of it!
A little about me:
I am celebrating 40 years this December with my loving supportive husband John! We have four responsible married adults, a daughter and 3 sons. I am a grandmother of 8 (4 girls and 4 boys) and love every minute of it!
Nothing better than to say NO Parent Rules at Nana’s house – or whatever Nana says at her house is the RULE! 

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