Member Spotlight - Rhonda Ingalsbe
My Role at Medtronic
As the Sr. Manager at Medtronic Shareholder Services, I am responsible for all aspects that touch upon our shareholders. My responsibilities include the management of the transfer agent relationship, creating programs to meet our shareholder needs, handling direct requests and problems with our shareholders, balancing shares and dividends, assisting Section 16 insiders with stock transactions, monitoring their retention requirements and all that is required of the Irish, SEC, and NYSE regulations.  Additionally, tasks related to the proxy process such as vendor management, printing and mailing of the proxy, vote return, and set up /coordination of the annual meeting venue. Occasionally, I manage the closing, escrow, and earnout payments for acquisition shareholders and optionees
My career in Shareholder Services began with a one-day temporary job at Wells Fargo Shareowner Services in 1991. I was asked to return several times which resulted in a part time job in Corporate Actions. My position eventually became a fulltime role in Stock Option Administration after which I began my 19-year career at Medtronic. Lest you think I may be bored after all this time, my role got much more complicated two years ago when Medtronic became an Irish company. With the transition came a new set of rules to learn!
Why I Am a Member of the SSA
As a department of one, I really enjoy the opportunities the SSA provides to learn about changes in the industry and exchange ideas with others who are doing the same job I am.  I only wish I’d found it sooner!
A Little About Me
For 11 years, I have been telecommuting from my home in Hawaii. After years of Minnesota winters, I enjoy the sunshine and palm trees daily. My husband and I like to travel and we have visited over 30 countries and still have many on our wish list for future visits. We have two sons, a new daughter-in-law, and hopes of grandchildren soon. 

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