Michael Mackey- April 2013
Michael Mackey

Alliance Advisors LLC

My role at Alliance Advisors

Along with others, I oversee the management of Alliance Advisors. We’re a shareholder communications firm that specializes in proxy solicitation, governance consulting, proxy management, asset reunification and mutual fund solicitation. The SSA has been a part of the fabric of this industry for decades and has allowed us to stay on top of regulatory issues, compliance and cutting-edge solutions.

Why I’m an SSA member?

 I have been a member of the SSA since the late 1980’s when the association was known as the CTA, but now has a more appropriate name for the times. In the late 1990’s, I became a member of the Board of Directors and for 7 years I was the Program Director for the monthly meetings. The SSA provides experience, networking, resources and their annual conference is, for many in the industry, the highlight of the year. Frankly, I could not imagine not being a member if you are involved in any aspect of shareholder services.

SSA Moment

For many years the meetings were held at the Downtown Athletic Club and later in the back room at Harry’s before their renovation. I can still remember announcing to the audience that all future meetings would be held upstairs at Bayard’s which received a thunderous round of applause. The SSA is a great organization that knows a better place when they see one!

About me

In 1985, I joined Corporate Investor Communications, a proxy solicitation firm that was purchased in 2003 by Computershare. In 2005, along with two partners, I formed Alliance Advisors, initially as a proxy management firm. In 2010, we went back to our roots and Alliance expanded into the proxy solicitation business.

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