Nancy Shueneman-June 2011
Nancy Schueneman

Sales Manager
Labrador New York

My Role in Shareholder Services
At Labrador, we are passionate about effective, transparent shareholder communications - My primary goal is to get others excited about it as well. I serve as an educator and consultant to various governance professionals, helping them to produce regulatory documents that appeal to the readers, analysts, investors, financial journalists and retail shareholders. I get the opportunity to show companies that proxies do not need to be difficult to read, difficult to navigate, or ugly documents.
Why I Joined SSA?
When starting out in this business, there was a tremendous amount of information to absorb. I joined SSA because of a recommendation I received from my manager who told me that SSA was the best place to start my education process. Now several years in, I continually find the discussions, activities and events to be the most applicable and enriching to my profession. I also found the other members to be very generous of their knowledge and willingness to help. (They are also a ton of fun to hang out with!)
How the SSA helped me:
I quickly came to realize that by joining SSA, I had an immediate network of professionals that I could reach out to. I also realized that this group would take the time to talk about various subjects with me, in turn making me a better professional. It has been great exposure to many points of view, as well.
Best SSA memory:
My first hug from Joni.
Professional Interests:
To keep learning, keep growing and to keep sharing. I have a special love in my heart for sustainable communication as well.
More About me:
I am originally from California and still hold true to the many beauties of the West - mainly wine and outdoor sports (not specifically in that order). I am an avid rock climber and love to ski. If I am not outside, I'm generally cooking - with wine. I make a killer truffle mac n' cheese, if you're interested. I also enjoy making jewelry and glass blowing.

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