Peder Hagberg - March 2016

Peder Hagberg
Carl T. Hagberg & Associates
The Shareholder Service OPTIMIZER


How did you get involved with SSA?

I suppose you can say that I’ve been an SSA “member-in-training” for a long time and have known many of our long time members for years.

My dad Carl Hagberg is a veteran SSA member who’s spent his entire career in the shareholder services business– first at Manufacturers Hanover, and then as a business owner when he left the bank in 1992 to establish his own marketing, shareholder relations and investor services firm.    As the owner of my own NJ-based advertising and publishing business, the Shareholder Service Optimizer newsletter was always required reading and I’ve helped with the editing, design and printing of the newsletter and magazines throughout the years.

In 2014, I became Co-Editor and Publisher of the OPTIMIZER Magazine, newsletter and website to help expand and work more closely with our advertisers and to better serve our readers.
Joining and becoming involved with the SSA was one of my first priorities to help accelerate the learning curve in my new role.  I’m thrilled to now be an official member, with access to so many veterans and to the new faces that are leading our industry.

Any advice you can share as a new member?

My advice is to dive right in and don’t be afraid of who - or what - you might not know.  That’s been my approach as a new member and after attending several NYC networking events, I attended the Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. last July.  The conference offers a tremendous learning experience and is something I’d strongly recommend to anyone in the shareholder services community.   The programming and panel discussions are lively and well suited for “newbies” and industry veterans alike, plus there are great networking events and important opportunities to put faces to names.  Attending the SSA Annual Conference will arm members with a wealth of practical information that can be put to use at their companies and in their careers.

A little about me.

My wife Erika and I are both graduates of Washington & Lee University in Virginia and are proud parents of three boys William (9), James (7), and Layton (4).  We live in the great town of Rumson, NJ and spend lots of time as a family on the water, in the garden and on sporting fields of all sorts.  I serve on several non-profit boards and “moonlight” as a guest chef and live auctioneer for charity fundraising events a few times every year.  I’m an avid fisherman, art collector, traveler and cook and love celebrating all of life’s “good stuff” with family and friends.  


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