Rich Andrews - August 2014

Richard Andrews
Chief Technical Officer
EZOnlineDocuments, LLC

My role at EZOnlineDocuments

I am a partner and founder of the company which began in 1998 with the desire to upgrade how documents are presented online.  In partnership with Rhoda Anderson and John DeFilippis we began converting Annual Reports, Proxy Statements and other documents to an online format with a rich feature set – to allow documents to take advantage of the platform in ways that print documents – or PDF files – cannot.

My role as CTO is to create and develop all of our technologies.  Recently, I added the Tiles Navigation paradigm to our product line to great success.  It fits with the original mission of the company by embracing and understanding iPad, tablet and mobile users – but also recognizing that the navigational change is coming to all platforms.  

My Involvement with the SSA

Having worked “behind the scenes” with many service providers, EZOnlineDocuments has already worked with several SSA member’s companies.  When Tiles Navigation came to market, we decided to do more direct marketing.  As such, the SSA was always a great fit for us and we have enjoyed getting more involved and getting to know SSA members.  

Last year I agreed to help on the Web committee and provide some assistance in charting a new path for the SSA website – one that rethinks the website as more member-to-member sharing and support.  My opinion is that by enabling a private “discussion forum” technology base, the website can reach a level of communication more similar to what SSA conferences achieve “in person” – and then provide considerable value to SSA members year round.  I am happy to say that progress on the new site is going well and I am happy to be involved.

A little bit about me

My wife of twenty-three years, Jennie, and I are happy dog parents of (many) dachshunds. Jennie and I enjoy skiing, movies, walks and conversation. Many moons (and many pounds) ago I was a competitive swimmer at Rutgers University – so for sport watching, I get my “superbowl” once every four years. I dual-majored in Computer Science and Philosophy – which are more similar then most people think (it’s all in the logic). You can often catch me dissecting the latest storytelling from shows like Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, House of Cards or The Killing, and yes, I still read comic books.


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