Robert M. Carney, Sr.- February 2015
Robert M. Carney, Sr.

Chief Operating Officer
American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, LLC (AST)

My role at AST
As the Chief Operating Officer at AST, I oversee all functions across the organization supporting operations, client management and product delivery. I joined AST at an exciting time, as the company was growing and transforming into the significant player it has become in the industry today. I saw an opportunity to play an integral role in executing AST’s strategy to continuously enhance its product offering to support the full lifecycle of issuers and shareholders. In addition to my responsibilities as Chief Operating Officer, I actively participate in the AST sponsored Executive Advisory Council, which brings together executives from leading organizations who routinely interact with issuer and shareholder service providers.
My Involvement with the SSA
The quality of people, both in its members and on its board, as well as the education and networking opportunities across multiple levels of the industry, differentiate the SSA from other organizations. I have been actively involved with the SSA for many years and appreciate how the group treats vendors and issuers equally. The SSA organization acknowledges that members are all facing the same issues, despite our differing roles. I routinely encourage our clients and partners to learn more about the SSA and join. As the landscape of the transfer agent industry continues to evolve, particularly with the consolidation that has taken place, there is an increased risk of expertise leaving. It’s critical that we work together and find ways to better support those in our industry.
What I enjoy most about being an SSA Member
The SSA provides members with an open forum to discuss prevalent issues and best practices in the industry while members help each other develop effective solutions. It’s incredible to see the vast amount of expertise and knowledge of the business that comes together at an SSA event. The association has always been very welcoming to new members and many long-lasting friendships have been formed through the SSA.
A little bit about me
I’m originally from New Jersey and have spent most of my career in financial services. I began my career with Mellon Investor Services, prior to and after its merger with The Bank of New York. With over 30 years of experience in the stock transfer industry, I have managed almost every function in the business and witnessed the dramatic change to the landscape of shareholder and issuer services.

When I’m not working I enjoy spending time with my family. As a former college professor, I also enjoy teaching and mentoring AST’s next generation towards success!

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