Tara Heine- July 2013
Tara Heine
Assistant Corporate Secretary
Xcel Energy Inc.
My Role at Xcel Energy

For the past 14 years at Xcel Energy, I’ve gained experience in a variety of areas; from first joining the company as a receptionist, to my current position as an Assistant Corporate Secretary and overseeing the shareholder relations function.  My typical day consists of fielding questions from our shareholders, management of our transfer agent, and administration of stock transactions related to the company’s stock plans. Also responsibilities that pertain to the company’s board of directors, operating companies, subsidiaries and assisting the Corporate Secretary with resolutions, meeting minutes and ensuring compliance with federal and state security laws and filings as required by NYSE, SEC and FERC.  I am also very involved in the preparation and distribution of the company’s annual proxy materials.   

Why am I an SSA member?

When I was new to my position, I believed it would be beneficial for me to join an outside organization. SSA provides me with key information I need to remain aware of as necessary for my position.  SSA also provides me with a network of individuals who are experts in the corporate secretary and shareholder relations fields, areas I am continuously striving to learn more about and become an expert in myself.

What I Enjoy Most about Being an SSA Member

SSA has provided me with growth opportunities.  I was asked to participate in a web conference regarding annual meeting best practices, based on procedures I have implemented at Xcel Energy’s annual meeting.  It was an honor to have been asked to participate, and a personal and professional growth opportunity.  I also very much look forward to the annual SSA conference; the topics are timely and relevant, the speakers are informative and experienced, and the prospective networking is tremendous.  I always take away something from the conference and feel Xcel Energy is benefited by my attendance.

A Little Bit about Me

Originally from St. Paul, Minnesota, I now work in Minneapolis and live in a suburb only fifteen miles from work.  I am the mom of two quickly growing boys who participate in a total of five sports, so we’re always on the move.  Despite my desire to relocate to a warmer climate, I have always lived in Minnesota and was raised with a love for the outdoors.  My boys and I enjoy camping and hiking, and taking trips to the North Shore. I have been to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area numerous times.    
In my “free time” I am devoted to volunteer work through my church and other organizations, motorcycling and my own extra-curricular activity - a competitive hip-hop dance group.  I obtained my paralegal associates degree in 2011 and am currently going to school online to obtain my bachelor’s degree in business administration.   


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