Thomas Kies- March 2014
Thomas G Kies

Executive Vice President
American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, LLC


My role in Shareowner Services

I recently launched the Ownership Intelligence Group at AST. We are the only transfer agent to offer a comprehensive ownership analysis to our clients. Many of our clients are faced with difficult annual meetings, shareholder activism, and a lack of foreign ownership details, so we listened to our clients and formed this team. As Transfer Agent we own the registered ownership data, and now with our new team, we are able to provide detailed ownership information on the street side. We combined this group with our Phoenix Advisors and AST Fund Solutions proxy teams to form ASTOne. This puts us in a great position to know with a high degree of certainty how holders will vote, what advisors they may use, and from an IR perspective, who is buying and selling our client’s stock. I am also very active with our Canadian Transfer business, CST.

Why I am an SSA member

I have been part of the SSA for over thirty year’s (yikes!) The SSA is a relevant and important industry organization that presents tremendous networking opportunities. It is the one organization that treats vendors and issuers equally. Many of my most long-lasting  friendships in the industry were formed through the SSA.

What I enjoy most about being an SSA member

Clearly, the people, when I first joined the SSA and attended my first annual conference, I will never forget how welcome the Board members (George Pabst, Bob Lamperti, Bob Gross and Brendan Morrow) made my wife, MaryAnn and me feel. The annual conference is always a great way to meet new people and forge new relationships.

A little bit about me

I have been in Shareholder Services since 1981 and spent many years in the proxy arena with Morrow, DF King and Georgeson. I have many fond memories of my time at Manufacturers Hanover, Computershare and starting up the Laurel Hill Advisory Group. I truly enjoy the energy and spirit at AST and watching us grow as a game changer in the transfer agent space.
I have been married for 33 years to MaryAnn (high school sweetheart); we have four daughters and one son and are happy to say we had our first Grandson this past summer. As my friends at the SSA know, I love golf (may have missed a session once!) and most sports.


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