Tom Ferrari- June 2013
Tom Ferrari – SSA Member Profile
Manager –Relationship Management
Computershare Investor Services
My Role at Computershare

My primary responsibility at Computershare is to provide relationship management services to corporate issuers for whom Computershare acts as Transfer and Shareholder Recordkeeping Agent. My role is quite diverse, requiring me to ensure that all contracted services are provided in a timely and efficient fashion. I also communicate with clients concerning new Computershare products and initiatives. I work in partnership with our clients to assist them in meeting their strategic goals and keeping them informed on new or revised regulatory issues that impact them or their shareholders. In addition, I interact on a regular basis with all internal departments of Computershare, including operations, call center, shareholder communication services, legal and product development. This allows me to stay informed on all aspects of our business and ensure the best possible service experience for our clients and their shareholders.    

Why I’m a member of the SSA

In my opinion, the SSA provides an excellent forum for issuers, transfer agents, proxy solicitors, financial printers and other stakeholders to be actively engaged with each other.  Monthly meetings, webinars and the annual conference provide excellent opportunities for the membership to discuss the issues, challenges and opportunities of our industry.
What I appreciate most about the SSA
I am most impressed by the membership of the SSA. Regardless of individual roles and responsibilities, everyone is willing to share experiences and assist other members who may have specific questions or concerns. In addition, I think the meeting and conference speakers provide realistic, useful information that brings added value to all members.

About me

I have spent my entire career in the shareholder services business, the past 23 years with Computershare. I started my career, at a young age, on the mutual fund side of the business before moving into the world of corporate issuers. It’s been a lifelong experience! I’ve been a member of the SSA for many years, going back to the time that it was known as the Corporate Transfer Association (CTA). I have found it very interesting how the SSA has “re-invented” itself as the makeup of the membership has changed. In addition to the SSA, I’m also a member of the Society of Corporate Secretaries and Governance Professionals and the Stock Transfer Association. I’m a graduate of St. Peter’s University with a BS degree in Management. 

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