Membership Profile

The SSA is an active network of issuers, service provider professionals and industry leaders representing the diversity of the shareholder services industry. Members include:

  • issuers, large and small, from numerous industries, based in all regions of the United States
  • issuers with an in-house transfer agent
  • issuers using commercial agents
  • commercial transfer agents
  • regulatory authorities
  • abandoned/unclaimed property compliance firms
  • proxy distributors
  • proxy solicitors
  • financial printers
  • industry consultants

Members have experience in all areas of shareholder services including:

  • securities transfer and record keeping
  • dividend disbursement
  • dividend reinvestment and stock purchase plans
  • proxy tabulation
  • annual meetings
  • investor and shareholder relations
  • corporate mailings
  • proxy solicitations
  • shareholder buybacks
  • lost shareholder investigation
  • asset recovery
  • financial printing
  • proxy advisory services
  • stock split, mergers and other corporate events
  • odd lot programs
  • regulatory issues
  • cost saving ideas
  • governance
  • compliance

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